Saturday, September 12, 2009

Football Season is Upon Us - Part Dois

Um, yeah, so Eric and Gabriela's Iowa State didn't really have such a stellar performance today.

Tonight she'll be cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs with her ol' Mamãe though. Hopefully they can beat up on South Carolina and redeem themselves after last week's butt-kicking.


And how sad is it that somehow this is the only Dawg-gear my child has?!? (She does have an awesome cheerleader outfit, but that won't be fitting her until next year's football season.)

I mean, not that this isn't the cutest thing ever. But really, given that the University of Georgia is the alma mater of pretty much my entire family (and we're including the extended part too), we seriously need to get this kid set up in red and black before we get back to the US and take her to a game. As much as I do love the socks, I'm just not sure this game day outfit would be appropriate!


Melissa said...

Ohmygosh, Emily!! She is SO stinkin' cute! I can't get over how big she is and those CURLS! What an absolute doll! I can tell already that every phase/age is just THE BEST, right?! Thanks for your notes and hope to catch up with you soon! We are doing really well and fall more in love with Miss Ellie every minute! :) Beijos!

Tony said...

We'll have to take care of the UGA wardrobe problem in December. The Dawgs did beat South Carolina, although it took a goal-line stand to preserve the victory! Everyone's happy but Casey.:)

Go Dawgs!