Friday, September 4, 2009

Brasília or Bust

While those of you living in the US of A spend the weekend celebrating Labor Day, we'll be doing a little long-weekend celebrating of our own down here in the southern hemisphere.

September 7th is Brasil's Independence Day, so we are taking our little Brasileira to, where else, Brasília to commemorate the day!

Gabriela and I just got home from putting Eric on an overnight bus. Gabs and I will be flying out bright and early at 7:30 am tomorrow. (It's a bit of a story as to why we aren't all traveling together, but let's just say that Gol's website wasn't playing nice last week when I was trying to book our sale-priced tickets . . . )

One day I'll wrap up our vacation posts (Morro de São Paulo, Salvador, and my in-laws' trip to BH and Rio are all still to come). But for now, we're off again!

1 comment:

Bruno said...

Poor Eric goes by bus :D
I´m glad you´re back, blog readers missed the constant updates.
It might be a good idea to rent a car at least for one day, when you´re in Brasília! Everything is very far, and if you wanna see things round the lake (JK bridge, Pontão do Lago, Ermida Dom Bosco) it might be really useful. Good trip!