Thursday, September 17, 2009

Because it'd be a shame to loose our tans

One day I am actually going to be staying home long enough to get caught up on writing about our trips . . . but not at this rate.

Two Brasilian airlines, Gol and Azul, had some pretty great sales a couple months ago. Eric and I decided to cash in on them and booked a long-weekend trip in September and another one in October.

Late tonight we head way north to Maceió. It's a beach town in the state of Alagoas and, from the pictures I've seen, clear blue-green waters await us.

Off to finish packing now, as I contemplate why I ever bother putting our suitcases away.


Stephanie said...

Seriously jealous :) I cant WAIT to get to the beach. I've heard rumors of maybe later this month, but I'm not holding my breath! haha! Hope you guys have a great time!!

Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

Make sure to stop by Praia do Frances!

Amanda said...

Just got caught u on your adventures. Sounds and ooks ike a great time!!!! (got water on a few keys on the key board, can u te which ones!!!!) Gabs is so stinkin cute and I ove ther dawgs ictures! Made me cry to see her feeding hersef, brings back memories of mine doing that very thing!

Sorry I missed your hone ca the other day. Maybe one day you wi catch me on the hone so you can understand what I am saying!!!