Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ready or Not, Here We Go!

Tomorrow morning we're going to begin a 2+ month stretch of travel and/or visitors. Planes, trains, automobiles, and hotel rooms here we come! Gabriela's agenda looks a little something like this:

June 4: Drive to Campos do Jordão
June 5: Drive to São Paulo
June 7: Drive to Belo Horizonte
June 8: Drive to Juiz de Fora
June 9: Drive to Rio de Janeiro (go to consulate and become American too!)
June 9: Fly to Natal with visiting friends Justin and Amanda
June 13: Fly to Rio de Janeiro
June 14: Drive to Belo Horizonte with J and A
June 14-16: Show my guests around BH/surrounding area
June 28: Uncle Nathan arrives in Belo Horizonte
July 2: Fly to Vitoria/Vila Velha with Uncle Nate
July 5: Ride the train from Vitoria to Belo Horizonte with Uncle Nate
July 10: Drive to Rio de Janeiro with Uncle Nate
July 12: Drive to Belo Horizonte with Uncle Nate
July 17: Fly to Miami, then Chicago, then Cedar Rapids, Iowa
July 20: Drive from Urbana to Burlington, Iowa
July 24: Drive back to Cedar Rapids
July 27: Fly to Atlanta, Georgia
July 27-August 3: Spend time in Colbert/Athens/Perry, Georgia
August 3: Fly to Miami, then Salvador
August 4-10: Vacation with Papa, Nena, and Aunt Kelly in Salvador and Morro de São Paulo
August 10: Fly to Belo Horizonte with the grandparents and aunt
August 14: Fly to Rio de Janeiro (everyone else is driving, but there's not enough space for all of us, so Mommy and I get to take the quick trip down on a plane!)
August 16: Drop the Iowa folks off at the airport in Rio and drive back to Belo Horizonte
August 17 - Eternity: Either really love or really hate the car seat, stroller, and BabyBjörn

She's either going to prove to be an excellent traveler and a very flexible child, or she is going to teach her parents a big lesson about over-scheduling a 6-week old! ;) Either way, travel stories will be in copious supply real soon.

And for a little picture update on Gabriela:

Her thighs and arms abound with little fat rolls now! And she has learned how to make big splashes in the tub - watch out Daddy!

Her hair is growing, especially in the back. The kid's going to be sporting a sweet mullet real soon!

This human "S" is the form she takes anytime I put her in her crib for a nap. This is also how she has rolled herself over on a few occasions. She rolls from her back to her side and then bends her head back far enough until she flips over onto her belly. If she happens to land with her mouth on her hand, then she happily gnaws on that for a while. Otherwise she gets mad and yells for one of her servants (Mom or Dad) to flip her back over.


Corinne said...

Gariela will probably come through with flying colors. You, on the other hand, maybe not. I got tired just reading the itinerary :)When I travelled with Kevin at 7 months, he was great - but I was worn out!!

Have a great trip!! We might actually see each other on the road to Rio - we are driving to and from BH on the same days!

cville said...

i found your blog through "expat woman" and am totally loving it. Can't wait to hear about all your travels with the wee one.

Rogério Penna said...

what??? No Rio Grande do Sul? :)

Tanya A. said...

She is soo cute, I can't wait to meet her!!! and see you guys too, we miss you bunches!!!


Amanda said...

Uhm, excuse me dear, but I did not see "meet up with best friend from southwest ga" any where on the agenda. I think you have a little tweeking to do to the little princess agenda because I might just burst into flames if I don't get to hold that adorable thing before she is like 4!!!

If it's possible, she gets prettier every day!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is really cute. But just a note, in English it's 'Brazilian' and 'Brazil' not 'Brasil' or 'Brasilian'.

Bruno said...


She obviously knows that, she intentionally writes "Brasil" and "Brasilian" exactly because it´s spelled with an "s" in Portuguese. She´s "aportuguesando" the english name, since many brazilians complain that "Brasil is writen with a 's'"!! I guess =P É um gesto simpático.

I also guess we, poor blog readers, won't see updates till the trip is over! :-(

Beth O. said...

You need to take a break and post! Apparently I am attached to your blog, as I keep coming back each day and getting disappointed at the lack of witty updates!

Rogério Penna said...

I am brazilian and I want to defend the foreigners that write Brazil with Z: Brasil WAS SPELT with Z in the beginning of the 20th century!!

Only around the 20s or 30s that Brazil started to be written with S in portuguese.

Emily said...

Yep, I know the English spelling of the country where I currently reside is BRAZIL. But after moving here, it seemed strange to spell it that way. And so, in my crazy Portuguese/English language combo that I've adopted, I always spell it BRASIL. I''m just sort of weird like that! ;)

Anonymous said...
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