Monday, June 29, 2009

The Latest Happenings

We're keeping plenty busy now after our week of rest!

Gabriela has been sort of trying to hold her bottle. Eric's been giving some encouragement. I think she looks waaaay too big holding her own bottle! (And that hair just keeps on growing!)

A quick family photo we took before heading out to the Festa Juninha (sort of a fall festival) held by Eric's company on Saturday night. (Check out Little Miss' boots - hehe)

Gabriela was so awesome Saturday. She was in the most playful mood all day long! Then we left at 7:30 for the party and she fell asleep on the way there. She had trouble sleeping at the party, with the live band and everyone wanting to see her and all, but hung out happily in her stroller until falling asleep around 10:00. We left the party at 12:30 that night and then went at 3:00 am to the airport to pick up my baby brother. She was moved around and woke up so many times, but she didn't fuss a bit. We made it back home with my brother at 5:00 am and all finally went to bed. Gabriela woke up at 9:30 Sunday morning, ate, and then I put her back to bed so we could still sleep. She slept until noon, as did the rest of the household. Gotta love a kid that lets Mom and Dad sleep in late on a Sunday morning!!!

Sunday night Uncle Nate got to give her a bottle - but he hasn't taken me up on the offer to change her diaper yet. They've been getting along pretty well (despite the fact that she just booted him out as baby of the immediate family.) They have been picking on each other pretty much non-stop though. This seems to be her favorite expression when Uncle Nathan pesters her:

And really, I can't blame the kid. She hasn't quite mastered rolling her eyes like her Momma can, so this has to do for now when it comes to dealing with Tio Nate. ;)


Aline said...

She is the cutest baby and she is growing so fast. You guys are one lucky parents that can sleep in on a Sunday.
Keep taking a lot of pictures and filming her because babies just grow too fast
Have a good July 4th in Brazil

Amanda said...

I squeeled when I saw new pictures tonight!! She is so cute and I hope you realize she has as much if not more hair than Audrey right now!! It's beautiful!! Love the picture of her and Nathan!