Sunday, June 21, 2009

My 2-Month Old

My Dear Gabster,

Most people talk about how much their babies get spoiled by everyone. I would have to say it is the other way around with you. You are such an incredible child I think that you spoil us! This month we have put you in travel situations that could leave even full-grown adults grumpy and out of sorts, but you have taken it all in stride and it hasn't bothered you a bit. You could be the poster-child for flexible, easy-going babies! Given how much your Daddy and I like to travel and play, you fit into our little family so well and we couldn't ask for a more perfect kid for us.

Watching you grow and develop brings us such joy. As the one responsible for your nourishment, you have no idea how happy I am when we weigh you and see that you've gained weight - you're over 10 1/2 pounds now. And the way your Papai gets all excited when you obtain a new skill is about the most precious thing ever. This weekend you reached out and grabbed the "Cy" on your play gym (instead of just your usual batting at it). By the reaction of your father, one might have thought you just discovered the cure for cancer!

As if you didn't already have us wrapped around your little finger with your adorable toothless grin, you decided to bring a giggle into the mix the day after you turned 6 weeks old. You and I were folding laundry and talking that afternoon, and when I picked up a pair of your Daddy's underwear you let out a hearty chuckle. Two days later you laughed at Daddy as he was dressing you in Campos do Jordão. You're still a little stingy with the laughs, as we normally only get a couple of them out of you per day, but you crack us up each time you do it. We do need to talk about appropriate versus inappropriate times to giggle though: last week you nearly gave your Momma a complex when you looked over at me from your bouncy seat as I was coming out of the shower naked and then you laughed - a lot. You just remember, kid, that it's your fault I look like this!!! ;)

You continue to do great in the sleeping and eating departments. Papai gives you your bath, a bottle, and lays you down, still awake, by 8:00 pm. You put yourself to sleep without a single cry and then you wake up around 6:00 am for a diaper change and feeding. Then you go right back to bed for another 3-4 hours. During the day you go 4 hours between feedings now. And while I don't know exactly how much you're eating when you nurse (although I do know you're fast and furious about it - 20 minutes and you're done), you take 6-7 ounces from the bottle at night!

There have been lots of inconsistencies/firsts while we traveled and entertained guests, but you made due just fine: sleeping in your car seat while we ate supper after your bedtime, taking a bath in the big jacuzzi tub with Mommy at one hotel, taking showers (which you surprised us by totally loving) at the other hotels that required me holding you while Daddy washed you, napping in your tent on the beach, being fed lots more bottles than usual, traveling long distances by car and plane. And all the while you captured the hearts of everyone around you with big grins, lots of happy babble, and your easy-going demeanor.

I love you lots my baby girl,


Beth O. said...

Your letters are so precious! Hormones: I'm crying... Off to find the Puffs box...

Bruno said...

Cada dia mais bonita!
E que olhão lindo, ein!!

Amber said...

Love the Iowa State Shirt

Anonymous said...
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