Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whoa Baby, What a Belly!

Z Belly has officially started its outward growth!

It's kind of crazy what can happen in eight short weeks! And yes, we are going to totally disregard the fact that the holidays were included in that stretch of time. We're blaming all this belly on baby! ;)

The third trimester is upon us. At my doctor's appointment Monday, I was told that she'll be seeing me every two weeks now! Everything looked good at our appointment, and I didn't get in too much trouble for my weight gain - 2.5 kilos (5.5 lbs) in 6 weeks.

I have to get over to the lab this week for my glucose screening and some other routine bloodwork. And then on Monday (January 26), we're scheduled for our 4th ultrasound. We are loving that my doctor likes having ultrasounds regularly with all pregnancies!

I'm feeling great, but my need for a daily nap has resumed after the glorious 2nd trimester energy boost and nap-free days. Meanwhile, Z Baby Girl has been super active and beginning to pack a real punch these days. She likes to entertain her Daddy in the evenings by making my belly do all kinds of contortionist tricks while he cheers her on with praise. Yesterday we pretty distinctly made out a foot pressing on the side of my gut!


Gabriela said...

Hi Emily! Thanks for visiting my blog-it is so fun to "meet" someone in a similar situation.

You, and your belly, look great! I have a sister who is a week a head of you-also expecting her first-and also a girl.

My last two were born overseas (1 in Venezuela, and one in Mexico) and I always LOVED all the ultrasounds. So nice!

Amanda said...

How exciting! Just wait though until she is doing those acrobatics while you are desperatly trying to change her diaper!!! Can't wait to see the pics from latest ultrasound!!!

Beth O. said...

You guys are so cute! Enjoy the little bit of quiet time left!