Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ultrasound - 29 Weeks

We went in yesterday for our fourth ultrasound, and we once again got a report of perfeito!

Z Baby has flipped positions since our last ultrasound at 21 weeks (which actually I already knew . . . I told Eric last week she had flipped during the day - there was really no mistaking that feeling), so she now is hanging out with her head down just like we want her to be! Although the question remains as to whether or not she'll stay there; our little gymnast does like to move a lot!

They estimated her weight to be 1.2 kg (2.6 lbs) and her length to be 38 cm (15 in), so she is right on target. In other words, perfect (and not so different from her mommy-dearest!) ;)

Given her position yesterday and the fact that it's started to get a wee bit cramped in the ol' Hotel Uterus, we didn't get any super great pictures of her this time. We did get a third confirmation, however, that she is indeed a she. Which is great since either way the kid is going to be wearing a lot of pink now!

Z Baby's Profile
(the top of her head is to the left of the picture and she is facing up)

The doctor even went so far as to label the girl parts this time (menina is girl in Portuguese). And that's the kind of confidence we like to see after our many pink purchases and gifts!!!


Tony said...

Looks like a healthy baby girl. I believe she has her Mama's nose!


Amanda said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful! So thankful everything is perfect! Have you done any more on her nursery? And sorry I didn't get her present mailed to you in Iowa. I promise to get it to you before she is born!!!

Jennifer Blew said...


My name is Jennifer Blew and I wrote you several months back about your life in Brazil since we were contemplating moving to Sao Paulo; well, we are here right now looking at homes and the community and it made me think of you and how much help your email were in persuading me that this might actually be possible/exciting/fun with 2 babies. We'll be here for a week so I hope that's enough time to get a good feel. Congrats on 29 weeks - you are so close! I'll be interested to hear your stories after the baby is born (although I'm sure blogging will be low on your priority list) :) Have a continued happy and healthy pregnancy. Jen Blew