Monday, January 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We're back! We had a fabulous trip to Iowa and Georgia and had a great time with family and friends, but it's amazing how fast 4 weeks passed! There were so many people we didn't get to see and things we didn't get to do as time seemed to slip away so quickly. Our return flights were on time and perfect, with just enough time between flights to make a bathroom break and board our next plane . . . we couldn't have asked for easier traveling. But as we slung ourselves into bed last night, we realized just how exhausted we actually were from all the running around and traveling and, boy, did it feel good to be in our own bed again!

Eric was up at 6:30 this morning to get ready for work, and I left with him at 7:30 so he could drop me off to pay rent. I had an awesome walk back home in shorts with temperatures somewhere in the low 70's and bright blue skies overhead (I can't describe how much I missed the weather) and I even decided to extend my walk and not come straight home - it was just so nice outside. I had great intentions once home of attacking the multiple bulging suitcases, but the couch started calling my name and next thing I knew it was almost noon. I guess I'm not quite the travel warrior these days . . . or at the very least it takes a little more for me to recover now!

From being able to walk barefoot in the yard and grilling ribs in Georgia to beautiful snow-covered landscapes and fun with the nieces in Iowa . . . we have lots of pictures to share from our travels, so I'll work this week on getting some of those up. Meanwhile, I'm going to finish the roast, potatoes, and carrots, and bake the homemade yeast rolls so I can at least have supper ready when my darling dearest gets home from work this evening (it only seems fair after my extended nap this morning while he was trying to catch up at the office after being away for a month!)


Justin T. said...

Enjoyed the visit, Em! Glad you were able to come home for the holidays. Bout time to update the "Baby Bump" isn't it? I'm sure you look like a beached whale by now. Just kidding, you know I love ya :)

Mrs. S said...

it's always good to come home!! :)

Beth O. said...

Good to see you're back! We missed reading the posts!

Ray Adkins said...


Happy 2009!
Welcome back, missed your posts on your adventures...