Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Or Feliz Dia de Ação de Graças)

We've got much to be thankful for, not the least of which is the little gift we'll get to meet in just a few more months! It's been an awesome year for Eric and me, and we're especially thankful for all the wonderful people in our life: friends and family, those near and far, known in real life and known only in blog-land, our life has been enriched by all of you.

It's t-minus 5 hours until guests start arriving. All the food is prepped, descriptive labels created, and house scrubbed down. It'll just be a matter of baking everything and getting it on the table now! And I probably need a shower somewhere in there too. (And maybe if I'm real lucky on this Turkey Day, the plumber will show back up as promised and finish fixing the leak in the second guest bathroom . . . but if I were a gambling woman I'd bet that we'll be operating with just one guest bathroom tonight.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all and enjoy this time with family and friends! I'll be back tomorrow with a full report on my first Thanksgiving Dinner and the Brasilian reaction to all our fabulously different food.


Jeremy Sarber said...

Happy Thanksgiving from a blog-land friend.

Ray Adkins said...


I wondered what kind of mushroom you used in your "home made cream of mushroom"? for the "greenbean casserole"...


Emily said...

The only ones I found . . . I'll look next time I'm at the grocery store and see what type they were! :)

brasil021943 said...


Há algum tempo eu freqüento o seu blog, cheguei nele através de um outro.

Mas o motivo do meu comentário não é apenas lhe fazer um elogio pelo blog, que é bem interessante, mas lhe pedir um favor.

Estou terminando o meu trabalho final da faculdade e tive que traduzir o resumo (cerca de 230 palavras, menos que uma página inteira de word) para o inglês. Se você puder, teria como dar uma lida para ver se eu traduzi corretamente? Caso não tenha tempo ou não possa, por qualquer outro motivo, eu vou entender. Agradeço desde já.