Monday, November 24, 2008

Halfway There!

We hit the 20 week mark this weekend, so I am officially at the halfway point of leasing out my body to Z Baby. And I know it has a long way to go still, but Z Belly is growing right along with the little munchkin these days!

We had a doctor's appointment last week and everything is still looking great. All was fine and well during my exam and the doctor said I looked good and was measuring right on target. But when she went to write my current weight on my chart and noticed my weight gain up to this point, she immediately became concerned with how much I was gaining. By the Brasil standards, I've already gained half the weight I am supposed to gain during pregnancy. (I encourage you to look above again to see how ridiculous that standard can be . . . you will notice I am still wearing my jeans at 5 months pregnant . . . and they are still buttoned.) I think there's going to be a lot of smiling and nodding during the next 20 weeks as I get lectured by my doctor on the dangers of 'excessive' weight gain, namely: stretch marks (insert horror movie scream here).

I am feeling really great and pretty much normal these days. Last week I finally decided that I have indeed been feeling Z Baby moving around. The movements were faint and so few and far between that I wasn't sure at first. But the last week it has become pretty obviously what I'm feeling!

We have a morphological (level 2) ultrasound scheduled for next week on Tuesday, so I should have more baby updates and pictures to share then.


Beth O. said...

You look good and healthy, and so does Z baby from thos side of the womb... I think they shouldn't worry so much about such a healthy momma... especially when you aren't concerned.

Anonymous said...

Aww! I love your little Z belly! It's so cute!! 5 months and still wearing your jeans?? That is awesome! Remind me to never see the doctor in Brazil, they'd wire my jaw shut. And Im not pregnant. Haha.

Ray Adkins said...


I think their weight paranoia is related to the strong beach culture in Brazil, the strech marks were often mentioned when we were in Brazil, those Brazilian ladies always worried about their strech marks and bikinis in the summer...


Corinne said...


I attribute not getting stretch marks to already having supple skin (read chubby). I only got them on my boobs. My mom´s nurse is super petite and I am sure she did not gain so much and she has stretch marks gallore. The stretch marks happen when the skin stretches too much too fast. I would think having only a snall amount of body fat would make that more likely (the skin is already stretched) than having too much. Don´t worry about it - my OBGYN would make the occasional comment but no lectures - as long as you and baby Z are healthy, that is what matters. Just slather yourself with all those creams the Brazilians all swear by!!

Amanda said...

Don't worry my dear. In a few weeks, inside the good ole USofA, you will be getting nasty looks and jealous sighs from all us mothers or mothers to be at how AWESOME you look at 20 weeks. May I remind you that I was just a little over 20 weeks at your wedding......and looked like I was ready to give birth walking down the aisle? I know, I know I had 2 in there but look extrodinary!!!