Monday, November 17, 2008

Diversions . . .

Because I need to be mopping my floors, but this seemed like more fun.

According to the Routan Babymaker 3000,


+ Daddy


A kid with weird eyes, big ears, and a goofy grin. I will admit the big nose is probably right though. Lawsie mercy . . . let's hope the Babymaker 3000 isn't over accurate.

Meanwhile, if you have floors you want to avoid mopping today . . . go on over here, enter in some Mommy and Daddy pictures of your own, and have some fun. (You can thank me later Dear for not trying out a Brad Pitt Daddy picture - though the thought did cross my mind after seeing this! hehehehe)


Amanda said...

That is hilariousand I really needed a laugh right now. Thanks!I have to admit though, the kid is weirdly cute!

Tony said...

Looks just like his daddy! :)

bruno said...

fofinho :-)

Amy Fortman said...

I haven't checked this for awhile. After reading everything, I'm not sure why I haven't. Anyhow, congrats! It's great to hear you are both doing well.

Bru said...

hahahaha if you're still trying to avoid mopping the floors, try! I guarantee, their "result babies" are much more baby-like, and you can choose if it should be a boy baby or a girl baby!