Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making the New York Times!

So our little unheard of city of 5 million has made the news in the US! Check out this article published by the New York Times this week in their travel section:

I'll post some of our comments later on. I figured I'd just let you read the article for now!

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Anonymous said...

about Lojas Americanas, remember that in Latin America, the term AMERICA is used mainly to describe the whole continent (yes, continental names and divisions are usually more polticial than really geologic), and S. and N. America being SUBcontinents.

All those brazilian soccer clubs named America are not named such in honor of US... and the biggest continental soccer competition, Libertadores da América, refers to guys like Simon Bolivar, and the american countries they set free were Bolivia, Peru, Equador, etc.