Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Catching up on a few pictures

I thought I would post a few pictures from last week. Eric's coworker, Fabricio, gave these pictures to us. I didn't have my camera on either night! The first pictures are from the "Welcome to Brasil/Good Luck in Italy Party" held last Tuesday. The second group of pictures are from Friday night at the Japanese Restaurant.

Carol, the wife going to Italy, and I decided to make some hats for Eric and Andre!

We still like to kiss - even now that we're married! ;) Down here, they've been calling us the honeymooners. We are living in the right place though: PDA is pretty common here!

Some of Eric's co-workers and the girlfriends/wives.

Andre and Carol, the wonderful Brasilian couple that moved to Italy last week.

Fabricio and his girlfriend, Carla, our sushi experts of the evening.

Trying out the sushi (and Eric trying to figure out the chopsticks!)

Mmmmm . . . sake!

Eric still working on that chopstick thing . . . Um, I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to cross! ;) (But in all fairness, I did accidentally drop a piece in the soy sauce and splattered my shirt!)

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