Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Coming down here, we weren't sure if they celebrated Halloween or not, but as it turns out it is just starting to become popular. I found a store, named Lojas Americanas no less, that sold some costumes, so I picked up a couple things for us to wear out to TGIFridays last night. (You might as well go to an American restaurant to celebrate an American holiday, you know?) They had it all decorated and all the wait staff was dressed up. We had fun even though we got some weird looks on the street on our way to eat! (And not to mention the explaining we had to do when we walked down to the lobby and ran into a group of CNH higher-ups that were from all over the globe!!! We got some real strange looks and some questions from those guys!)

So, Eric and I are excited to have another 3 day weekend! Tomorrow is a national holiday (All Souls Day). We are not real sure what we are going to do yet, but we've talked to a few friends about plans. One guy wants to take us to Ouro Preta, a beautiful and very historical city not too far from here. Someone else mentioned going to a great waterfall that's pretty close, and we've been invited to attend a big soccer game on Sunday. We are finding though that Brazilians don't seem to like to make firm plans. Right now it is all just "we'll call you this weekend." It is a little tough for Eric and me since we are both habitual over planners! :) But, we are learning to just go with it and enjoy the spontaneity.

For today, I am about to go have some lunch, meet with my Portuguese tutor, and then go get a manicure and pedicure this afternoon. By the way, have I mentioned how great the salons are here? I can get a mani/pedi, have 2 ladies working on me for about an hour, and all for the price of R$15 (or roughly $8.50 in USD.) At that price, not even Eric can complain much . . . but he still tries! ;)

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