Monday, January 30, 2012

An Explanation of Why Eric Will Soon Be Gray

Alternate Title 1: An Explanation of Why Gabriela Might Not Be Allowed to Leave the House Until She's 30

Alternate Title 2: An Explanation of Why Eric is Requesting Firearms for Every Major Holiday for the Next 16 Years

While the jury is still out on our little Lilian, I think we can safely assume that Gabriela is going to give her father a lot of gray hair. And it's not just because she is my daughter and I have it coming to me. (Stop smirking, Dad!)...

I'll share a few pieces of recent evidence to support my theory.

Concerning Behavior Example #1: Dressing Like the Women Featured on TLC's What Not To Wear

I hit up a consignment shop's half-price sale a couple weeks ago and bought a bunch of stuff for the girls. Gabriela, who LOVES clothes, was beyond excited when I got home and she got to go through it all! It was like Christmas all over again. After sorting through, removing tags, and getting everything ready to be washed, Eric and I went into the kitchen to prepare lunch. When we called Gabriela in to eat, she came strutting into the kitchen wearing one of her new outfits. Well, if you consider a denim skirt and ruffly bikini top an "outfit", that is. She was ooooohing and aaaaahing and twirling to show off her dining-wear of choice. (I wish I'd captured the moment, but the second I suggested that it wasn't an acceptable outfit, she stripped naked.)

Concerning Behavior Example #2: Dress, High Heels and Pearls. Minus the Dress

Her outfits of choice are always interesting. She is constantly changing her clothes throughout the day and she love dress-up. Her father found it mildly concerning that when she got a box full of dress-up clothes and accessories from her Nena and Papa, she chose to strip down to her panties and wear the heels and jewelry...and refused to put on a dress. (She also totally flipped out when Nena tried to put the clip-on earring on her. I guess it's a good thing I went against the grain in Brasil and didn't pierce her ears as a baby. Seems she loves accessories, but not if it involves her ear lobes.)

Concerning Behavior #3: Forget the Used Lot, She Wants NEW!

Walking through the airport after seeing Grandpa off on Sunday, we walked past a Model T on display. Gabriela stopped and observed the vehicle, looking it over well, before asking, "What dat, Mamae? What dat?" I told her that it was a very, very old car. Thinking on that answer for a moment and then turning away, Gabs shook her head and firmly declared, "Bobbi* nao gosta carros velhos." (Gabi doesn't like old cars.) And then with a little bounce and skip, said, nearly singing,"Bobbi gosta carros NOVOS!" (Gabi likes NEW cars!) *She calls herself Bobbi or La-lela for Gabi or Gabriela.

Concerning Behavior #4: A Fondness for Good Looking Fellas (Besides her Daddy)

While sitting in the truck waiting for Eric outside of his office last week, lots of people were exiting and walking past where we were parked. As each person walked by, Gabriela would ask, "Quem isso, Mamae? Quem isso?" (Who's that Mommy? Who's that?) I knew the names of most of the people, so I was able to tell her.

After playing this game with about a dozen people, out walked someone I didn't recognize. He was young (oh, okay, so he was about my age I think...maybe "young-ish" is the better term?), tall, dark, and what an unmarried woman might consider rather handsome (not that I notice those things at all...I only have eyes for you, my Dear). Gabriela asked the same question, "Quem isso, Mamae? Quem isso?" I told her I didn't know his name, but that he was a colleague of Papai's. Gabriela watched intently as he walked on by and then responded with a big smile and nodding her head emphatically, "Oooooooh, Bobbi gosta da colega do Papai!" (Gabi likes Papai's colleague!)

Concerning Behavior #5: Sometimes a Photo Speaks For Itself

I regularly find the child in her room, scantily clad, and up on her vanity posing in front of the mirror.


Emily said...

That last picture says it all!!!!!

Nani said...

hahahaahah that is so cute!!! I was missing your posts! The girls look so cute!! They are growing so fast!