Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have a whole lot of reasons why I haven't been keeping up around here lately. But let my assure you that our house is seeing a lot of benefit from it! Since Good Friday (10 days ago) Eric and I have:

Primed and painted both bathrooms, including ceilings (which makes every room re-painted now!)

Ripped out vinyl flooring from 1 bathroom

Installed ceramic tile in that bathroom

Replaced the ugly vinyl floor in our kitchen with hardwood (looks AWESOME btw)

Hung new hardware in both bathrooms

Mowed the grass for the first time this year

Replaced light fixtures in both bathrooms plus the kitchen

Started re-staining the deck (to be finished tomorrow)

Oh, and we also made a trip to Eric's Mom and Dad's for Easter Weekend, I attended a two day doula training up in Waterloo last Friday and Saturday, and we've tried to not ignore our kid in the process. It's amazing how much can be accomplished after her 8:00 bedtime!

I know it's hard to imagine why we'd do our work after bedtime. I mean, look at what an awesome helper she is!

All the while, I am fighting a serious urge to drop everything inside and go work in the yard. We have some major yard projects coming up, and we have been seeing 80-degree days. Spring is FINALLY here!!! But I'm not sure how much longer I can live with my fridge in the foyer and stove and table sitting in the middle of my living room . . . so we continue on inside for now.

We are looking forward to having both sets of parents here this weekend and hosting a churrasco (Brasilian-Style Cookout) for Gabriela's first birthday. Lots of pictures are sure to make their way here real soon (including of all the house updates), so stay tuned. But probably not until next week!

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Fabiana said...

Parabéns Gabs!!!!!!!
Muita saúde, muita paz e muuita alegria!!
Mamae and Papai are gonna give you many kisses and hugs for us!

10000 beijinhos gelados from Sweden!

Fabi e Carl