Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bebe Dois

We don't like for things to get too settled or routine. We prefer to ensure that every day is an adventure. Right after getting married, we moved to Brasil. Right after we got comfortable with the language and culture, we got pregnant. Right after we got used to being a family of three, we decided it was time to add number four.

Bebe Dois is expected to make his or her grand entrance into the world sometime around September 22! (Big sister Gabriela will be 17 months old then.)

Ultrasound picture at 8 weeks

At 16 weeks into the pregnancy, things have been pretty uneventful - which, despite my sense of adventure, is a good thing! No morning sickness or random nausea. Well, except for once a few weeks ago, but that was my own fault. Crazy pregnant + nursing = constantly starving woman decided she had to have KFC, immediately. Eric was out of town, so I loaded up Gabriela and made a run through the drive-thru. I scarfed down a box of popcorn chicken and half of the potato wedges before we even turned into our driveway . . . it's approximately a 3-minute drive from KFC to home. It was yummy in a way that only a ravenous pregnant person can appreciate. But I very rarely eat fried food. Especially super greasy fried food from KFC. Within an hour, I wasn't feeling so well. Within two hours I was puking. Sadly enough, three hours later, I recounted to story to Eric over the phone - adding that it was totally worth it. (Again, something only a crazy ravenous pregnant woman can understand.)

I've generally avoided greasiness ever since and try to stick to healthier fare. But in rather gigantic proportions. There are a few important points to be made here.

#1: I tend to be super hungry while pregnant.
#2: I tend to get pretty tired while pregnant.
#3: I tend to be super extra hungry while breastfeeding.
#4: I tend to get tired more easily while breastfeeding.

Now, let's combine the two situations. For maybe the first time ever, I have regularly out-eaten Eric. (And even more surprisingly, I ate more than my bottomless pit of a brother (the only person to out-eat Eric at a churrascaria), Nathan, while he was here!) And on a normal day, my bedtime nearly coincides with Gabriela's. Almost 12 hours of sleep each night isn't an unreasonable expectation, is it?

Eric isn't worried about the extra costs involved with having another kid. He's not so sure he can afford to continue feeding his wife though. ;)


Casie Parrott said...

AH!!! I'm still so excited!!! :) :)

Mrs. Carioca said...


Ray Adkins said...

Congratulations again...
I don't have any excuse for running to KFC in a craze craving madness...I do it once a year!
: )

Claudia said...

All the best for your family!

Jane said...

Parabens!!!! Although it may seem crazy overwhelming at first to have two little makes for the best siblings! (That was my philosophy anyway). However, you may have to hire someone to come give you a few minutes so you can continue this blog ;) Are you still going to try and become a certified doula? What wonderful news! May you have a blessed pregancy!

Marcio said...

April fool's day?

Emily said...

Thanks everyone! We are super excited, and the April 1st posting was totally coincidence! :)

I am still working on my doula certification and hope to be certified (or at least very close to finishing the requirements) before Bebe Dois arrives.

Katiebell said...

I'm so excited for y'all! : ) If you're 16 weeks, you're probably finding out boy/girl soon too! I'm so glad you've been feeling well.

Bruno said...

A Gabriela vai adorar, é bom demais ter um irmão com idade parecida.

Beth O. said...

I regularly out-eat Jason as well... and still somehow manage to lose a few pounds in the process. =) Too bad this won't last forever.