Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Mother's Day Letter

This letter was waiting for me when I woke up Sunday morning. Eric denied all knowledge of it and the gorgeous orchids. (Although he later admitted that he did type it for Gabriela - as she kept accidentally hitting herself in the head every time she tried to press the space bar - the fine motor skills need some improving still . . . ) But either way, I smile now when she cries. And I think I'm going to cash in on my mommy alone time this Saturday morning.

I've got a pretty great daughter - and her Daddy ain't too bad either! :)

May 10, 2009
Dear mommy,

Everybody has been telling me that today is supposed to be your special day. I am not sure what they are talking about, because I think that you are special every day? Why is today any different? They told me that I should do something special for my mommy, and show her how much I love her, but I told them that I do that everyday. Everyday when I cry when you lay me down I am just trying to tell you that I love you so, so much, and I don’t want you to let me go. Or every time that I cry when you are changing my diaper, I am just trying to tell you thank you, you are the best mommy in the whole world! I understand that these days can be difficult for you, as I am extra needy, but I just wanted to make sure that you realize I think that we are creating a special bond that nobody else can understand. However, with that said, that daddy guy is pretty special as well, and in all honesty, I have been thinking about this and maybe it is not quite fair to him that we never get any alone time together? So how about for this supposedly special day of yours, that I don’t understand, how about I get to make the wish? I wish, that sometime in the near future, you will just take some of this money from daddy that I found, and you just go do whatever you want to do for a little while so you can leave daddy and I alone for just a bit. But since this is your special day, this wish is actually probably good for you too. I really just want to have some alone time with my special daddy, but you are winning out here, because you get to go spend some of daddy’s money however you want!! I mean, this is a lot of money. I think this would take me the rest of my life to make this money, but don’t worry, him and I both think that you are very worth it! So just think about it, do whatever you want to do! Get your nails done, go to the spa and get a facial, get a massage, your options are endless with this kind of money! But remember mommy, you can’t do it today. Since today is your special day, it would be weird for me to be stuck with only daddy. So today, let’s be together as a family, and have a lot of fun! Please remember that I love you very, very much mommy, and I hope that everyday is as special for you as it is for me!

Beijos and slobbers from your little princesinha,

She's been hard at work on that second chin and chubbyin' up those cheeks! And her tongue is only rarely kept in her mouth; I think there may be some reptile somewhere in the gene pool!


lovelydharma said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever read!

Julie said...

Wow. Good job Eric! I mean...uh...Gabriela. ;)

Camila said...

What an awesome letter Gabriela wrote with daddy's help!!