Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gettin' Smiley

The last two days Gabriela has figured out she can really impress people if she smiles at them. And she's been cheesin' it up! For her Mamãe, for the faxineira, for random ladies we meet on our walks, and even for her Dear Ol' Dad last night.

But she also knows she's Brasilian . . . she'll only give you a smile if you speak Portuguese to her. English gets you no response right now. Seriously.

Maybe after we get her registered at the US Consulate in Rio next month she'll decide she's bilingual! :)


Anonymous said...

She is a cutie! haha! :)

Tony said...

This is torture! We can't wait to hold her - she get's prettier every day!


Nani said...

haha! She is sooo cute!

Fernanda said...

This brasileirinha is growing so fast from the last photos you've posted!!! And prettier every day! So sweet her smile!

Stephanie said...

Lovin those cute smiles!!