Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Z Belly Update

Z Baby's growing like crazy . . . as is her temporary residence, Z Belly!

Does the fact that we're less than 10 weeks away from her due date amaze anyone else? The days are going so fast now! We've done some more shopping for the nursery, and once we get things situated I'll have to take some more pictures and update that progress too. It's all coming together!

We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. I'll get the results from my glucose test and some other blood work then. But so far, so good.

Now, if only I could convince this child that my bedtime isn't the most appropriate hour to practice gymnastics or kickboxing or whatever she's got going on in there . . .


Anonymous said...

Hey! I LOVE your blogging. Always so interesting and your photos are so beautiful. I think your belly progress is fun to watch. Will you be able to keep all these blogs on a drive or DVD's, I wonder?
Hope you are all doing well.
Love, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Hey! You finally look pregnant!

Love you guys!

Brii and Trav

brandi said...

Hey Emily did you know that you can get a book printed of your blog? Z baby would probably enjoy having that in Z future =) Couldn't resist!