Friday, February 20, 2009

Carnaval Here We Come!

Carnaval is upon us. Tuesday is the official day, but things get kicked off this weekend in grand fashion.

We have two friends visiting from Iowa that will be celebrating with us this year, Bob and Lisa. We decided we'll take off tomorrow morning and drive down to Tiradentes to check out things there before continuing our drive down to Juiz de Fora to spend the night. Sunday morning we'll head into Rio de Janeiro. We've got tickets to the Sambodrómo for the famous Carnaval parades on Sunday night (actually, more Monday morning, I guess, since the parades start at 9:00 pm and continue until around 8:00 the next morning!)

Meanwhile, I'm starting what I'm afraid is going to be the beginning of a new trend: eating my words. I've heard that it comes as part of the 'parent package' . . . you know, all the things you swore you'd never do when you had kids of your own. I recently flashed back to our experience at Carnaval in São João Del Rei last year. I distinctly remember seeing several women who were quite pregnant joining in on the fun in the streets - walking along with the blocos, singing, and dancing and having a grand ol' time while parading around a great big belly. And I seem to remember that I turned to Eric and said something along the lines of, "Geez, this really doesn't seem like the place for someone that pregnant!"

And here I am 33 weeks along (that means over the 8-month mark!) getting all giddy and excited to attend one of the world's largest Carnaval celebrations in all of my whale-like glory.

Oh well, at least I don't have a screaming kid in a restaurant . . . (yet?)


lovelydharma said...

Uffie! Be sure to bring cushions to sit on at the Sambodromo! Especially if you are in the arquibancada -- My butt was so sore by 7am! Also, don't try to enter JF by the northern entrance on Saturday (which will be the first one you come to traveling towards Rio on the BR40). There is a huge bloco that pretty much shuts down access to the city center from the northern entrance on Saturday. Better if you continue on another 10 minutes and come in the southern entrance by the "Salvaterra" rest-stop.
Have fun!

Living in Brazil said...

Ha! Yes, you should go and enjoy your time without the screaming kid. I have two screaming kids I take to restaurant on a regular basis. = D
I am just glad Brazilians are patient! This will be my first Carnaval (no kids of course), but since we live here I think if I was 8 months prego. I’d still go.. Have fun!

Ray Adkins said...


I wonder if you have a plan B, just in case Z baby decides she wants to be born in Rio.
There must be great hospitals and doctors in the city.
I hope you guys have a great time.


Anonymous said...

Tell Eric I said to take a lot of pictures at Carnaval and send them my way(;


AcesHigh said...

LovelyDharma: you stood at the sambodromo from 9pm to 7am? Gee, I guess by butt would be hurting even if I was sitting on a couch.