Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just a Few Photos

Because I am a total slacker on the bloggy-front today, all you're getting is a few pictures I haven't yet shared. Something about a Friday deadline on the book I'm editing, trying to start my new travel website editing job, doing some laundry, washing all of last night's 3 million dirty dishes, and seeing to my corporate-wifey duties in just over an hour or so (going out to supper with Eric and two of his coworkers who are here from the US), I haven't been able to make time to write anything interesting. Maybe tomorrow.

View towards downtown BH from Praça do Papa (in April)

Another view towards downtown BH from Praça do Papa (in April)

The cross at Praça do Papa (in April)

View towards the mountains from Praça do Papa (in April)

Museum in BH (Museum of Natural History, maybe? I don't remember right now.)

Fountains at the museum on an overcast day (in May)

A few scenes from the softball tournament in São Gotardo, Minas Gerais. (Not us playing.)

The weather was so gorgeous the whole time that weekend! (June)

And finally, yours truly, hanging out between games and sporting the team uniform.

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Caio said...

I'm kind of frequent reader, but never left any comment. Anyway, I just have to say I love your writing stile, and its very pleasant read your entries.

Well, you mentioned 'editing a book'. If you have any chance, really should write one about your experience here (I live in BH).

Or about anything, maybe. I'm sure talent won't be a problem.