Monday, July 21, 2008

Because Sometimes I Think I'm 8

Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year. And while it still ranks right up there among my favorite holidays, it never fills me with quite the same excitement as it did when I was a kid.

My three brothers and I always anxiously awaited the arrival of all the Christmas catalogs (you know, because it was way back before the internet and online shopping). We would feverishly go through the Sears Wish Book, the JC Penney Christmas Catalog, and all the others that were full of toys and fun stuff we just knew we couldn't live without. Sometime around mid-November (maybe earlier) we had created our very detailed "Christmas Lists" with all of our hearts' desires complete with the catalog and page number where it could be found. (We liked to make it easy for ol' Santa!)

Every year, I would lust after these really awesome "moon shoes". They were basically little trampolines that you strapped to your feet and jumped around on. They claimed to give you the sensation of walking on the moon along with the ability to jump extra high. Every year, I would show them to my mom and go on and on about how cool they were. Every year, my mother informed me that they looked like a good way to break an ankle and that, no, I couldn't have them. (Never mind the big trampoline in our backyard where we all four jumped and flipped and nearly broke each other's necks . . . apparently the idea of hauling around a kid with a broken ankle sounded much worse to Mom.)

One of the perks of growing up, I suppose, is that you get to make your own decisions regarding personal safety. Well that and having your own money and purchasing power too. So, I think you already know the "rest of the story" when I ran across these on sale at the mall on Saturday:

Merry Christmas to me!

So they might not be little trampolines. And they might not be called moon shoes. And maybe they are a good way to break an ankle. Who cares if I maybe exceed the recommended weight limit on the bouncy-shoes made for kids by, oh 8 kg or so? Does it really matter that they are a size too small for me and my toes are a little cramped? And so what if I will never ever wear these outside of my home. I will provide myself endless entertainment in my living room and dining room and kitchen with these bad boys. And that doesn't even consider the comic relief (and jealousy, might I add) enjoyed by my husband.

And no, there will not be a video (or even pictures) posted of them in use. Let me just say though, it is fun(ny)!


Jeremy Sarber said...

Are they as much fun as a trampoline? Do they feel like you're walking on the moon?

Emily said...

They are bouncy and fun. Quite different from a trampoline though (and, I assume, from walking on the moon.) They would probably be a bit bouncier and even more fun if the user fell within the designed-for weight limit though. ;)

Mostly it just gives me a little extra spring in my step and I can jump higher in them. It's fun enough to entertain me for a while at least! (But then, that's not too hard to do!)

Tony said...

I agree with your Mom. Looks like a good way to break an ankle to me! If you're walking around on crutches in September, you're going to cramp my style - I won't get to see as much if you're dragging around a cast! I have to keep my priorities straight, you know.

Be Careful!

Mamasphere said...

Those look awesome!

I'm not jealous AT ALL.

Amanda said...

I'm laughing SO HARD I am wiping away tears right now! This is the BEST posts by far! Jon said you are one of the funniest people he knows and the first thing he asked was if they felt like you were walking on the moon!

Pleeeeeeese, Please put a video on the blog. Do it fot James and Audrey :)