Thursday, July 5, 2007

Day 1 of Exploratory Trip: Just air travel

Eric and I flew down to Georgia on July 3 and spent the 4th with my family and doing some wedding planning. Then, this afternoon we caught a flight out of Atlanta to make our way down to Belo Horizonte, Brazil. After a bit of a delay in Atlanta and then another on the ground in Miami, we are waiting now for our overnight flight to Sao Paulo. It is supposed to take about 8.5 hours in the air to get there. My hope is to pop a couple Tylenol PM and sleep through the night . . . me and sleep in moving objects doesn't always combine very well, but I'm going to try real hard tonight! My goal is to stay in as regular of a schedule as possible with eating and sleeping in hopes that I will be well rested and ready to experience all that our new city has to offer. We are supposed to be there Friday through the following Saturday, so hopefully we can find housing and figure out what the heck we are getting ourselves into. As for now, we are just excited to get down there and see what there is to see!

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