Monday, July 2, 2007

The Blog Begins . . .

I am not usually a huge fan of blogs . . . so one may ask why the heck I am starting this. Well, it was mostly on the suggestion of one of our friends who knew someone who went abroad and used the blog format to keep everyone back in the US up to date with their lives. It sounded easier than making 18 phone calls a week once we are in Brazil to keep everyone informed of our well being and whereabouts. Combined with the desire to keep a record of our experiences and my lack of ability to stick with keeping a journal, I thought if people are expecting it, then I'll be more motivated to type out a few thoughts about our journeys.

No promises on the regularity of posts, but I'll do my best! :)

1 comment:

Justin Tyson said...

If Eric is adventurous enough to try the corações de frango, then he ought to have fun in Brazil. Personally, I never quite worked up the courage. I wouldn't worry about the small apartments. After a few weeks you won't even notice them. Who wants to spend all day inside, anyway?