Friday, April 13, 2012

Jet Set

If I lived hundreds of years ago, I totally would have been a nomad. While I've got nothing against "roots", picking up and going and a frequent change of scenery brings me much joy! In fact, if it weren't that whole part about the frozen tundra of a land bridge (we all know I hate the cold), I like to think that I'd been with those folks who (according to the Bering Strait Theory) decided to wander on over to the Americas and see what there is to see over there. Of course, I also like to research the heck out of trips...Lonely Planet didn't exist back then, did it? Hmmm, maybe I wouldn't have been so adventurous without a guide book.

But I digress...

The point is, I like to go and see and do. Travel excites me. And it's been too long! I haven't been anywhere in months.

While Eric has been all over creation here lately with work, I've been at home chasing our "chillins". But that's about change. Woohoo!

We leave in just a couple hours to head to Chicago for the weekend. Eric was invited to a Patent Banquet his company puts on for everyone who has gotten a patent issued during the last year. So we get to get all fancied up and enjoy dinner and drinks while the girls stay with friends there in the area.

We'll spend the rest of the weekend playing in Chicago before Eric flies out for Italy on Sunday afternoon.

The girls and I will return home and begin preparing for our big journey!

Next week, Gabriela, Lilian, and I will fly over and meet Eric in Paris, where he will be for an expo. After Papai is done with all his European work-stuff, he's going to take some vacation and we're going to play.

We're renting a car and driving down through France and into Spain. We'll stop in Barcelona before continuing down the Mediterranean coast to Valencia, where Eric's youngest sister has been studying abroad this semester. We'll hang out there a few days and then fly over to Ibiza, a small island off the coast of Spain. A few days at the beach there and then we'll head back to the mainland and start out return drive back to Paris.

When we get home, it's going to be May.

And that means summer will be upon us.

And we have lots of fun stuff planned for this summer too.

And I am a very, very happy person!

(I've just got to get through the flying internationally with two children by myself thing first. I know they'll do fine - they always do - but that doesn't change the fact that I get a little anxious at the thought of being outnumbered by my little people in airports and on planes and in a foreign land for many, many hours! Y'all pray for me!)


Laural Out Loud said...

That sounds so amazing! I would love to go to Europe with my family, it's such a magical place, but I'm afraid all of my traveling for the rest of my life will be to Brazil. C'est la vie, lol. You MUST blog while you're gone!

Amanda said...

Ok. I am not a jealous person. I’ve always been happy for people when they get to enjoy the blessings of this life. I have many blessings I get to enjoy of my own. However, my mouth literally filled with sylivia when I read that you are going to, *gulp*, PARIS!!!! Ahhhhh, I could so use a vacation right now so PLEASE take lots of pictures :) p.s. you are not outnumbered till you have more kids than hands, lol!!! But I will say a little extra prayer for ya!

Shelley said...

Hope the flight goes smoothly--did you ever read my blog post about flying solo to Brazil with 3 kids?

Tony said...

When you get more kids than hands you'll have to take Grandpa along to help out!

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