Friday, December 10, 2010

So Pitiful (but hilarious)

Gabriela is reaching that stage where she sometimes gets a little whiny. Sometimes she just sits and cries for no apparent reason. Sometimes that moment occurs while she's sitting on the toilet. Whenever and wherever it happens, she rolls that bottom lip out a mile and usually off to the side a little. It's equal parts pitiful and hilarious. To me anyway. :)

(And to those who know the difference, please excuse the grammar slip-up.)


Casie Parrott Tyson said...

That is SOOO cute. Justin and I couldn't stop laughing.... Poor, pitiful Gabriela! :)

Mandi Smith said...

This made me giggle!! Love it!! Hope all is well with you guys!! Love you all!!
:) Mandi

Jill said...

Can't help but feel sorry for her!!

She brought back memories of one of my children... He always ended up taking ALL his clothes off while he sat on the potty! I could never figure out why, but the clothes could always go back on once business was taken care of!