Friday, May 14, 2010

Bebe Dois - 20 Weeks

Profile of Bebe Dois at 20 weeks

It's hard to believe I am past the halfway mark with this pregnancy! September is going to be here before we know it!

I went in last week for my 20-week appointment. I made the appointment with the midwife who works in the practice with my doctors. She was fabulous! So much more what Eric and I want in a care provider! The doctors there are great, but at the end of the day they are still surgeons and treat pregnancy very medically. The midwife really seems to share our philosophy on pregnancy and childbirth and is 100% on-board with us wanting a completely natural delivery again. We officially moved over under her care now instead of the OBs'.

Everything continues to go great with this pregnancy, just as with Gabriela's. Bebe Dois is growing and doing well - HR was 148 at this visit. I haven't been feeling much movement at all though. Since it is my 2nd pregnancy and I was feeling movement with Gabs by this point, my midwife ordered an ultrasound to verify all was well.

Eric and I were excited to have the ultrasound. The practice we go to doesn't do any routine ultrasounds at all. Unless there is an issue, you never get that sneak peak at the kiddo. (Much different from Brasil where we were getting ultrasounds pretty much every month!) Along with obviously wanting to confirm everything was fine, we also really wanted to know the sex of the baby!

The ultrasound went well. The baby is moving normally; just not nearly as much as squirmy-wormy Gabriela did. The ultrasound techs used to literally chase Gabs all over my uterus. This kid waved an arm, sucked on a hand, and kicked a leg, but was pretty much content just chilling. As she watched Little Missy wriggling around in her Papai's lap, my midwife smiled and said everyone deserves a calm baby - this just might be ours!

The trouble, though, is that our ever so calm and chilled out kid was positioned butt-down and back with legs crossed and tucked underneath. It was impossible to see anything! Probably our sole chance to learn the sex and he/she refused to cooperate! Go figure!

So Bebe Dois remains an "it".

Obviously, it doesn't really matter to us whether it's a girl or boy, but if it is indeed a boy I've got a lot of shopping to do! Everything we own is pink or purple or has ruffles on it. If it is a boy, I've half a mind to make him wear it anyway. You know, as punishment for not cooperating.


Mary Ann said...

So exciting! I saw your proud daddy the other day and he was so excited you were coming to visit!

Amanda said...

It's a boy. You better start that shopping now, if I am wrong then you can return the stuff but it's a boy!

Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

How exciting!

joven said...

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Emily said...

Yay for natural childbirth!!! I'm right there with you and how AWESOME to find such a supportive practice! I'm sorry you couldn't tell the sex...but the surprise will be fun I promise :)

3d ultrasounds said...

These photos are amazing and super cute!!! i wish we could get a 4D ultrasound for our little guy!
Following you now :)
btw, you are gorgeous!