Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3 Months

Dear Gabriela,

Time really does fly when we're having fun! Three months have come and gone in what seems like the blink of an eye! And you have grown, developed, and changed every single day of it.

You are celebrating your 3-month birthday in the US. And boy, oh, boy are there a lot of people excited to have you around! Two weeks here and I'm afraid that you're going to be spoiled absolutely rotten. It's awesome to see everyone making such a fuss over you though - and you're just eating it all up.

You are quite the squirmy little thing and rarely ever hold still for very long. Even when you sleep (and even while swaddled!), you end up spinning around 180 degrees or more in your crib. But despite your desire to be on the move constantly, you're still a great traveler and tolerate being in your carseat and stroller for long stretches at a time.

You did so awesome on the three flights to the US over the weekend. You slept the entire overnight flight from Belo Horizonte to Miami and then on the next two flights you never once cried or wanted out of your carseat. The flight attendants and other passengers were so impressed! (I have a sneaky suspicion it won't be so easy as you get older and more mobile though.)

You continue to be a great sleeper. Your normal bedtime is 8:00 now and you sleep straight through the night until 7-8:00 when you get up and eat. Then you go right back down and usually sleep until 10:00 am. Your naps are getting a little more predictable now, but we haven't really got you a nap schedule yet. We'll approach that one after you finish out our marathon travel session in mid-August.

You had a great time meeting your Uncle Nathan last month and are enjoying your time with your Dad's side of the family in Iowa. The rest of the family is anxiously awaiting your arrival in Georgia next week!

You've really discovered your hands in the last couple weeks and keep yourself busy for extended periods looking at them and gnawing on them. And you've become quite the little slobber monster this month too - we have to keep a bib on you or else you have a wet chest all day. You're getting better and better at rolling from your stomach to your back, and you're up to 23 1/2 inches long and weigh 11 pounds 15 ounces now! You eat at 8:00, noon, 4:00, and 8:00, knocking down 6-8 ounces at each feeding.

You bring so much joy into our lives each and every day and we are incredibly thankful for such a happy, healthy baby girl!


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Geotacs said...

Grabiela is so cute!

Love it when she sticks out her tongue!