Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Visitors Booked!

Word is that the plane tickets are bought. So, we've booked our first visitors, and we are quite ecstatic over the whole thing! My parents have planned a trip down the end of August/first of September for a couple weeks, and the extra-special added bonus is that my grandparents are planning to come with them too!

We can't wait to see y'all and be able to show you around some of Brasil! Since Dad (and so, then by default, Mom too) is coming partially for business, I guess Grandma and Grandad win the prize for first vacationers coming to see us! What do they get, you ask? Well, they are the winners of lots of time with their favorite grandchildren. Or um, favorite grandchildren living abroad, that is. At least we hope we are their favorite in that category . . . being that we are the only ones living outside of the US right now and all! ;)

Seriously, we are excited to have some visitors. Anyone else care to follow suite?


Amanda said...

Do you think they'd be willing to let me and my peanut gallery tag along?! :)

I am SO excited for you that you finally get to have some family visiotrs!

Aline said...

That's so excited...I can't wait to read your stories about your visitor.
Where are you planning to take them?
By the way, I just bought my tickets to go to Brazil in December... so if you want to take a trip to Sao Paulo, I will be more than happy to show you around.