Sunday, December 9, 2007

So, um, we just got back from Mexico

Mmmmm . . . tamales (and sombreros!)

Yeah, this beats air travel!

Yeah, seriously, MEXICO. We had a direct flight booked from Sao Paulo to Chicago for Thursday night into Friday morning. We were supposed to be in Chicago at 5:00 am Friday.

It is going to take more time than I have right now to explain it all, so that will have to wait until tomorrow. But for the overview:

We stood in line no less than 5 hours in Sao Paulo.

Our flight got canceled on Thursday.

We were rerouted through Mexico.

We missed our connection due to Mexico immigration issues.

We spent the weekend in Mexico.

Our flight was delayed.

We finally arrived at our hotel in Chicago at 11:15 pm Sunday night.

It is to the consulate tomorrow morning for us and then on to Burlington. But right now, it is on to bed for a travel weary girl and her tired hubby! I promise to fill you in on all the fun details soon.

And for those of you concerned, the weekend in Mexico did not include any time in a Mexican jail. (Although the way things were going for us, we were pretty sure on Friday that we might end up there-HA!)

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